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Turning Point Service

In life, many experience complex problems with perplexity of mind, not knowing what to do and where their help can come from. God has the Answer to all nagging questions and problems.

At the Turning Point Service, we lift up our eyes to the God who turns every captivity around like a dream for His Glory (Psalm 126:1)

Awesome miracles are wrought through the hand of God's Servant, Lady Reverend Elaine Klufio in these services. Many have testified of how the Lord turned their lives around at the Turning Point Service including, several healings, restorations and visitations of Jesus on many occasions; as testified by those who saw Him!

The Turning Point is at Pretoria Aparche, every Thursday from 10am. 

For more information please call: 

+27 12 343 8895

+27 71 493 8224 

See you at the Turning Point Service in our next meeting!